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Beginners Course FAQs

In order to meet the requirements laid out by our governing body, Archery GB, for beginners courses we run 4 x 3 hour sessions which cover all expected aspects of archery training for new archers. This includes 2 different shooting styles, safety, equipment checks and achieving a certain level of competence, usually the ability to shoot well at 15 yards or further. To reach these expectations all 4 sessions should be attended.

What age do I have to be to take part in a course?

Generally we say that anyone from the age of 8 years and up is welcome to join our courses, although in some circumstances we have had to suggest waiting a year or two if we feel a junior is on the small side. At the other end of the age range, some of our more senior archers are well into their 70s!

Does the beginners course automatically allow me to join the club?

Why are there 4 dates for each course?

I have done some archery before. Do I still have to attend a course?

Depending on prior experience we sometimes offer a reduced length course or a short assessment with a coach to ensure that archers are shooting safely and in a way that won't cause themselves or others harm. For very experienced archers we can usually confirm quite quickly that a course is unnecessary and you would be invited to join the club directly.

I have my own equipment. Can I use this on the course?

A majority of our course attendees are invited to join the club on completing the course. We talk you through this in the last session and give out membership forms.
However, in rare circumstances, where we feel that a beginner could not be trusted to operate safely on the line as a member, we would have to refuse that participant membership. Typically this is due to age and a certain lack of understanding of the dangers inherent in archery.

What kind of training do the coaches have?

From the start of the course we will always ask you to use club equipment which is generally easier to use as the effort required is less. This will allow you to develop correct technique more rapidly, which is essential to successful archery. Towards the end of the course we can and do advise on equipment choices and at this point we could assess your own equipment and its suitability.

How does the fast track course differ from the group course?

Broadly, the content is identical. Rather it offers a more personal experience, with a single coach working with just 1-2 individuals or a family group. This means more shooting, hence a shorter time, but is subject to coach availability, by arrangement. It can be more flexible in terms of dates and timings, potentially at much shorter notice. As such we charge a higher rate for fast-track courses: £100 per adult; £50 per child.

All of our coaches are trained to at least a Level 1 Coaching Qualification, which enables them to support beginners courses. We also have 1 Level 2 coach, and 2 Level 3 (County) Coaches as part of our coaching team. This allows us to offer further coaching beyond the beginners course up to local and national tournament level.

Can you cater for archers with other needs?

We will do everything we can to accommodate any want-to-be archer. Our coaches have experience working with differently-abled archers, including those who shoot from seated positions and we will work with you to offer you an appropriate archery experience. We would recommend you contact the beginners course coordinator directly to discuss any needs we might have to factor into our course.

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