Club Championships 2020

I'm excited to report that we WILL be running our annual Club Championships this year, despite the best efforts of covid-19 to interrupt normal proceedings.

     We will have the usual CLOUT competition in the morning, with sighters starting at 10.30. You may sign up for any distance appropriate to your experience. It will be a Metric Clout, which gives a substantially larger scoring zone so is 'easier', especially for beginning archers. Full instruction can be given on the morning if it is your first time.

     In the afternoon we will shoot a TARGET round, being a National Round, or shorter versions, with sighters starting at 1.00 pm. Again, choice of round is dependent upon age/experience.

     All shooting will be carried out under social distancing guidance and we will be providing sanitising hand wash and disinfectant spray to sanitise all shared equipment. There are other impacts due to covid-19 which include SELF-scoring on an electronic device and also, sadly, we will NOT be able to cater the event. Finally we will have a maximum capacity of 30 people, which includes accompanying parents.....

    The advert HERE gives more details on the day and the rounds available and other aspects of the days running.

Previous Results

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