Club Championships 2021

Thank you to everyone who took part in our annual Club Championships last weekend. I’m pleased to say I resolved the spreadsheet issue and can now present our results, including sharing some of the names of our final winners on the day.


It was great to see so many members taking part, but I do wonder how we can make this event less intimidating….it seems the word ‘Championships’ may put off one or two archers from taking part in what is meant to be a fun day of archery…with food….and some prizes. Food for thought for next year.


We got lucky with the weather again and being able to gather for the awards was great. I always love the feel of our Club Champs and this year was particularly pleasurable from the point of view of the last 15+ months of covid.


It was a pleasure to introduce Chloe to you as our Lady Paramount. As I said on the day, I feel it is very important to recognise the talent and contributions of our junior members and offer them up as archery role models to archers both young and slightly less young. Thank you, Chloe.


Well done to everyone who took part or helped set-up and clear away and of course thanks to Helen for her catering skills which were truly appreciated by us all. Must mention the cakes and biscuits too…thank you Katherine and Lauren. 


Finally, if you are owed a trophy or medal, we will try to bring these down to the container, labelled, for you to collect next time you are down….


Thanks to all!                                            2021 RESULTS!!!!


Paul Comina


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