Diana Team Winners 2022

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Well done Harlequins

​Congratulations to Richard, Bill, Hannah and Sam for winning the Diana team trophy for 2022. Some great shooting from 3 different bow types shows strength across different archery styles. Well done!

Events at Harwell and Didcot coming up...

  • For anyone interested in trying the clout event but not sure about it we can offer some practice sessions at Harwell before-hand (see dates listed below), although the event itself will be held at St Birinus School in Didcot. Clout is a more relaxed form of archery, although no less challenging, and it is something many archers don’t get to experience….so why not give it a go!

  • The annual Berkshire Outdoor Tournament is intended as the archetypical archery event for our County archers, with World Record Status and WA70, 60 and 50 rounds, in a 12-dozen arrow shooting event. Single (6-dozen) rounds are also available. Last year we had just 31 BAA archers present which although good with covid around at the time, seems low for such a large and active County. It would be great to see more BAA archers take part this year!

Clout practice dates and times available:  Sunday 12th June (2.00 pm start) and Tuesday 21st June (anytime after 4.00 pm)

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Beginners' Course Update:

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Both spring courses have now been completed

Any enquiries about our upcoming courses in August and September should be sent to  beginners@harlequinbowmen.org.uk 


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